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Suri herd sire, Spellcaster

Suri Alpacas

The Suri alpaca is noted for its long locks of luxurious, silky fiber.  The actual structure of the locks comes in five uniquely distinctive types: straight, flat, fan, curled, and twisted.  At this time, the curled and twisted lock structures are the most sought after. 

The Suri alpaca is extremely rare comprising an estimated one to three percent of the world's alpaca population.  There are only about 5,000 Suri alpacas registered in the United States.  Suri alpacas are often noted to have straighter backs, longer ears and necks, and more strength than their Huacaya relatives.

Suris are regarded by many to be more elegant standing in the field.  In full fleece, a Suri's locks play in the wind or dance from side to side as they run.  They are a little more tolerant of the heat than the Huacayas, but are often the first in the barn in very cold or wet weather.

Suris Yetive and Fashion Bug


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